4 thoughts on “Micropoetry

  1. Loved your poem, and look forward to seeing more of your work, beautiful words, I will definately be back =)

    Iā€™m an aspiring author if fiction and Ive started posting my first book (and several poems) as I write it, if you have time, or are bored and would care to take a look, I would appreciate it, especially any advice or critism you could give me would be groovacious =)


    Peace, Love, Happiness


    • firstly, thank you for being so complimentary! I really appreciate it – I get a massive sense of achievement when other people can find meaning for themselves in my words.
      I’d also love to help you with your writing – is there anything specific you’d like feedback on? I recently completed a degree in English and Creative Writing, so if it’s advice/constructive criticism you’re looking for – here I am šŸ™‚

      • Wow! That would be amazing! I have just started writing a novel, in a fairly unconventional way, basically with no real plot structure, set in stone characters, any real preperation. After following someone’s advice this chap basically persuaded me to write my novel ‘like jazz’, EG completely improvised, which to be honest I’m not so sure will work for me, but nonetheless I am gonna give it a go, Please go to my blog, the most recent post is the redrafted first part of my story, I will more than likely keep updating it on here, I find it incredibly useful for my work to be seen and critisised, In I’ve been meaning to write for years, but its only really a blog which has inspired/motivated me to do it, the hidden gem of the internet for creative people!

        Thanks again, peace and love

        Scone =)

        PS – Any feedback on my three or four poems on there would be ace too =)

      • Who says you need structure? I love the idea of a jazz-esque improv piece – if it works out for you, I NEED to read this in its entirety! šŸ™‚

        In the meantime, I’ll see what I can do to help you out, may take me a while, but I’ll be working on it šŸ™‚


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